How do guys feel about reserved girls?

I am a rather quiet, reserved person, I don't say a whole lot or share my opinion much. I have dated before; my ex broke up with me after a six month relationship after meeting online. We had our differences and most were okay with me then he broke it off after telling me he was often antisocial which was complete BS because he had spent the entire weekend at his friends house.
Anyway I have only been able to really interact with guys online; they see my picture and profile, decide they like what they see and shoot me a message. But never in real life has a guy tried to get to know me as more than just a friend. I'm not shy or scared to talk to guys, in fact I have had some amazing friendships with guys.
I feel like I'm the type some guys secretly crush on but they're way too scared to say anything, so I never know it.
I feel it's the guys job to make the first move (believe me, I've read otherwise, but I'm the traditional type and a bit old-fashioned). I can flirt, but I play it cool unless he makes the first move. Which is almost never.
Maybe it's because I'm hanging with the wrong crowd? Because of school transfer issues I'm two years older than the rest of my class.
I don't want to do online dating again because it hasn't really worked for me; I want a lasting relationship with somebody who values and desires me, not just a fling that lasts a short time. I feel that meeting someone in person first is better because you can get a feel for what that person is like before you decide to go out with them. Online just doesn't do that.


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  • I like the shy/reserved type. Though I still will have a hard time making a move, the second I find out you refuse to make the first move then I'm out. Done. Gone.


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  • Most guy who are in the world think that they will marry some girl with a good family back ground and then if they see some girl on the street they will make them a prostitute and if she is poor, and needy, They will not consider as a human.


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  • One thing is to be reserved and another one is to be boring and lame.


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