I went on a date with a beautiful, intelligent girl - I found her facebook profile later and saw her profile said she's relationship with another guy?

The title says it all. I went on a date with this amazing girl, we had an incredible time. The date lasted well into the night, and it ended on a really great note. We were hooking up for a half hour in the car. She said she had an amazing time and we texted later that night. But then I find her facebook profile and it says she's in a relationship with another guy. I originally met her on okcupid. Now I'm really not sure what to think.


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  • Ask her straight up about it. That will give you your answer one way or another.

    • I don't know how to bring it up without acting like I'm paranoid and telling her I snooped around and found her profile.

    • Honestly everyone Facebooks everyone else. I don't go without with someone without finding them on FB XD Besides if she doesn't want you to find things she shouldn't post them.

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  • Maybe she jst doesn't use fb often and hasn't logged on to change her relationship status? But she's probably just shady

    • There was recent activity on the profile. I'm hoping she just didn't want her friends to know she broke up with that guy... I'm hopeful...

  • It could be a lie on FB to fool her friends'list and if it is true... you just cheated with her without knowing.

    • I'm hoping that it's the former. I just don't understand how this is happening to me.

  • Does she go on tv a lot? Maybe she forgot to change it

    • *Facebook

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    • Just ask her about her last relationship maybe she'll give in and confess

    • That's actually not a bad idea. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • Walk away. It's not worth it.


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