What do you think? Please don't say "ask him how he feels towards you".

There's a guy that I'm starting to develop feelings for. We work together, we don't really talk and that's the only time I see him, at work. There are times when he hands me something I, on purpose, extend my hand a little too much just so that our hands can meet. I've noticed that there have been a few incidents in which he has slightly touxhed my behind. Or there are times that he touches me by the waist, he does so but gently, to move to me to the side. However, I saw him do that to another coworker. I have also noticed that when I'm not looking directly at him, he stares at which gets me extremely nervous and shy. I don't know if all these occasions are just a coincidences and accidents but that's how I see them based on my point of view. I don't know much about him if he has a gf or what not but I can say that I'm starting to have feelings for him. What do you think? Please don't say "ask him how he feels towards you"


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  • Ask if he want to have lunch. Say your friend bailed and you need a replacement. Lunch, isn't a huge commitment and it gives you time to make conversation seeing if he has a gf or not. You don't have to ask outright but it should eventually be hinted at.


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