He tells me he likes me and enjoys talking to me but in person he does'nt make a move?

I've been talking to this guy and our first date was great except he never tried to make a move on me or touch me and he barely asked me any questions about me, at the end of the date he seemed like he wanted to leave because he kept saying that it was late and he walked me to the bus stop and was asking me if i knew when the bus was gonna come and he kept yawning and not really talking to mw anyways when i left i said bye and gave him a kiss on the cheek and he barely even moved close to me an all he said was text me, later i received a text from him saying that he had a good time and that he really likes me.

im so confused he says he likes me but doesn't make a move or asks me questions to get to know me and i dont think he is shy.

he never texts me first... and he's always telling me to text him -.- I don't know if i should keep trying im gonna go on another date with him but I don't know if i should try to hold his hand or something but I don't know how he would react and it kinda bothers me i think he should be the one trying to hold my hand.

he also asks me when i work and he cames by my job and everytime he smiles and blushes and acts a bit awkward and that makes me think he likes me but then he's so cold so im confused...


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  • Think he is just taking his time to know you, it's a good thing, he definitely is not seeing you as just an easy score

    • Of note, he could have something going on in his head space atm, just enough to distract him a little

  • Sounds like taking it real slow.


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