Are Muslims into online dating?

Met a muslim guy on an online dating site from my country (its a diverse country not a muslim one). My family us christian. Any idea what this guys idea might be? Coz most Muslims in my country have proposed marriages and don't date.


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  • He wants to meet u first and if he finds what he is looking for he proposes = a normal Muslim would do
    doesn't mean if he is a Muslim that he won't have an intention to do what any other guy from any another religion does
    Some people are just born Muslims they just aren't gathering themselves in its holy book and hadith so they add and remove things to build the lifestyle they want..=that's a fake Muslim
    Never go out with u except if he proposed and was official =real Muslim would do

    • I don't think I'd want a real muslim, I've loads of friends who are very religious Muslims but I don't want to convert or anything considering Christianity confuses the hell out of me as it is.

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  • There might still be chances, some Muslims in my country do date but most of them don't.


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  • Muslims normally aren't allowed to date, so it is odd that someone would and still identify as a Muslim.

    • In my country everyone by default has to have a religion and its the one of their parents. For example I'm actually agnostic but tell people I'm Christian coz my parents are and have to still write it on forms and stuff. Agnostic doesn't have a word in the local language.

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    • There is but its interpreted to mean evil human being. Stupid country I live in.

    • it's called "atheist"

  • Disclaimer: This is only what I think I know and I am not a Muslim scholar.
    Almost all Muslims agree to that types contact that includes: Physical contact, visual contact or sound contact are prohibited to keep things from getting intimate and formal.
    However online texting or chatting is still arguable as long as it is moral and in decent topics just for the evaluation of the person and making things straight before engagement or marriage directly.
    And just like Christianity they are Unpractical Muslims who do not really care.
    Again this is only my personal information.


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