How do you handle this?

It's 5 am and your alarm goes off. You shut it off. Go back to sleep for a bit because you can sleep in today, but the cat decides to be noisy. Your BF says " He isn't go to stop" in a rude tone. You get up, swear and get the cat and leave the bedroom. BF gets mad and says you didn't need to react like that. How do you respond?


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  • chalk it up to being woken up annoyingly. there's nothing worse then when you're trying to sleep, and you keep getting woken up. =P


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  • You didn't react any better.

    • I asked how to handle it. I didn't say I was better. Thanks for your pointless comment

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    • Then maybe you should write "I would have said:" If you look at your comment, what would you have thought. And I know its not the end of the world. It is frustrating and will be over before I can think about it but it is still upsetting and I would like ways to not have it happen again.

    • Well, sorry for that, was not my intention.
      And I would just be more easy-going with him. Show that you care but not be like "oh gosh, what have I done/why.." Or "panic".

      by the way, if he truly like you the way you like him, he should tolerate a few things. Like a friend/close friend does. Elsewhere... well, it is not great. And maybe apologize, cause you didn't mean to be rude to him?

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