What proportion of (young) people of the opposite sex do you find somewhat attractive?

By somewhat attractive I mean they would be attractive enough for you to have sex with them. So what proportion of the opposite sex between the ages of 20 and 25 would you consider adequately attractive to have sex with them. (Not necessarily casual sex and not necessarily committed sex, just sex in some situation - so whatever has the lowest threshold for attractiveness.)
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  • 60% to 80%
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  • 40% to 60%
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  • 30% to 40%
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  • 15% to 30%
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  • Less than 15%
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  • I'm gay/lesbian/asexual/other / See answers
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To clarify, don't interpret "attractive" as the word would generally be applied, I just mean that the person is physically adequate for you to be willing to have sex with them in some situation (without payment).


Most Helpful Girl

  • I find many guys my age sexually attractive, but they aren't usually there mentally, so.

    • Do you have an estimate of what proportion are adequately sexually attractive? (I mean that you wouldn't rule out having sex with because of their looks.)

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    • I would have expected guys to be willing to have sex with a greater proportion than I would have expected from girls. Pretty small sample size here I guess, but it's not fitting with what I expected.

      "... but they are basically about the same as younger men but have been around longer to know how to work women, especially younger women."

      So you might as well go with a younger man with a younger body, at least he's more honest about his immaturity... :P

    • Well I can kind of see where these guys on here are coming from, as many girls in our age group party, eat poorly, etc. and don't look as good as you might think. That's not true for all of us though. I remember meeting a guy at my gym (who was older) and said I looked like I was in great shape for my age, and obviously I'm young but he pointed out that many girls my age aren't in good shape from living a "typical college lifestyle". I've seen both hot college girls and out of shape college girls. Many girls as well as guys at my school aren't in the best shape physically. Maybe that's what these other commenters mean.

      But you're right! haha ;p

Most Helpful Guy

  • Within that age group, the proportion would be very high (B). The problem is that I'm not in that age group, and the proportion of women in my own age group who I find attractive, would be much, much lower (F).

    • You wouldn't date women below your age group? (Or you don't think they'd date you?)

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What Girls Said 2

  • I would say maybe like 15%ish.

  • voted 30-40%. It's not RARE that i see people i find attractive but it's not that common either.


What Guys Said 7

  • Probably like 10%. It's not really uncommon for me to see someone that I think looks attractive, but it's a little rarer to see a girl that I am attracted to. If that makes any sense.

    • So 90% of girls your age are too ugly to have sex with?

    • No, not too ugly. Jut not fitting the specific "area" of facial/body features I find myself attracted to.

    • Fine, 90% are not appealing enough for you to want to have sex with them, right?

  • Less than 15%. I actually walked around my old college campus the other day, and there were plenty of girls out, but I came away THOROUGHLY unimpressed, if we're being honest.

    • Seriously? You'd be willing to have sex with that small a proportion of girls?

      (Unless obesity's much worse there or something, I'm surprised.)

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    • Another thing, when I went there it was a notorious party school and was kind of a middle of the road academic institution. The hottest chicks in high school who were too busy being the hottest chicks in high school to focus on grades and just got C's went there back then. Now it's harder to get into, plus my era partied so hard that we literally won a riot vs university, town, and state police, and they were like "NEVER AGAIN", and the party scene has been all but shut down since then, plus I think they just don't have as many kids who came there to party above all else like we did. So now it's more smart, reserved kids who will still have some fun, but they either don't want to or aren't allowed to do it like us. In my day it was a bunch of drunk Massholes getting bombed 5 days a week.

    • Nah, it's all good, bro, get it how you live. If you're actually attracted to more girls rather than less, then that's good for you.

  • I may find some young women very attractive, but I don't believe I would want to have sex with them, as they are too young for me (20-25 range). Would be more like my daughter :(

  • Its very rare that im attracted to an American women. Most are fat and annoying. I picked less then fifteen percent.

    • Are you American?

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    • Lets go with half and half.

    • Okay... Anyway thanks for answering.

  • Less than 15 percent. I don't find many people attractive.

    • Did you read the update? I don't would you describe/label them as attractive, just would you consider them attractive enough to have sex with?

      So more than 85% of women in their early twenties are too ugly for you to have sex with them?

    • It's still less than 15 percent

    • Okay, just wanted to clarify that. I'm surprised that you and the other guy have given that answer.

  • anything over 50% is far from realistic

    • You read what I meant by "attractive"? You wouldn't be willing to have sex, ever, with most women your age.

    • yes i read your update, but honestly it doesn't change anything, since i would only sleep with women that i personally found attracted. but maybe i just have high standards.

  • Just the sexy ones


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