Matched with a girl on tinder, talked the whole day. Where from there?

Basically got matched on tinder. I did message her a few weeks ago but then didn't respond to my message. Then the other day I hit her up and ended up texting all day. General convo, asking each other questions, and flirting. I think I intrigued her because Im not the shallow type. Anyways she sent me a 3 word message at 10.45pm which I didn't respond too (cause we talked all day...) and then at 1.30am she sent me a "goodnight x", which I woke up to. I didn't message her today, because I dont really see the point, seeing as we spent the last day texting all day and I'm busy applying for jobs. (I've also had a bad experience with a girl texting everyday, felt like I was her emotional tampon even though she fell for me at the end of it, only for her to shit test me and had a falling out.. put me in a dark place for 2 years). Where should I go from here, wait for her to text? Im not on this all day texting thing anymore. Thanks!


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    make a phone call and take her out somewhere to hang fam when you're both free

    • I take things slow Im not about to call her after being matched and talking all day, for just that ONE day..

  • Send her a message and ask to meet up for a drink somewhere.

    • My rule is at least 1 week in total of contact before I meet... a lot of psychos out there

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    • Go about it however you want, I'm just sayin there is a good chance it's not gonna go anywhere if you intend to text back and forth for a couple of days, or especially if you're going to have big text based convos like you did the other day and then ignore her for a couple days and then have another text convo. That shit's annoying.

      Yeah, some women are crazy... that's why you meet up in public and get a feel for her before telling her where you live or work...

    • Thanks for your input.. Seeing as you're 5 years older then me, your way of doing things could be different, although the meeting up part is mutual

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