Dating someone but he is leaving?

he is leaving in a few months back to his country but he says he's gonna come back because he loves it here and we're kinda seeing each other and now I don't know if there's a point in keeping this going because what if he doesn't come back am i just a fling/hookup for him or is he serious and if he is then whats the point if he is leaving...


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  • find out if you are actually a thing. There's no point waiting if he doesn't perceive it that way. If you are, how well do you trust that he will be coming back to see you specifically. and is it worth holding yourself back, like do you like him that much? say if you met someone else you liked, would he be waiting for, considering it's only a maybe?

  • Same thing happened to me. I met a girl on my vacations on an island and we made out the day before I had to go. She was my first kiss and my first everything (still virgin doh). I guess life is unfair sometimes.


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