I like thinking about a MWM three way with my girlfriend?


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  • Don't tell her that..
    If you really like her..

    • I haven't. And I wouldn't want a real one... Just like thinking about it... Nothing more...

    • Oh it's good then
      It's awesome to think about
      But believe me.. maybe someone have told you he has a great 3way with his gf.. but in the end of the day he doesn't give a shit about her no matter how he shows love

    • Thanks dear

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  • Not a good idea if you deeply love and respect her. :/

    • I do. And I don't want a three way. Just like thinking about it. I know I would get jealous and probably hit a gut who touched my girlfriend... I just like thinking about it...

  • What you think and what she thinks is different. Ask her what her fantasy is.


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