After reading this what do you think about me and this guy?

So this guy and I were not talking anymore due to a fight because I got to annoying.

Well ill today I really got up the guts to go talk to him while he was working on his truck in the shop, I'm not sure how to judge are conversation because I felt stupid and he didn't seem to care but he just said it's cause he needed to clean up cause class was almost over, so I stayed and talked with him and we made eye contact like twice; he seemed like he was a little bit scattered and I'm not sure what to do?
I do really like this guy and I really wanna work it out with him. We have not talked for a month and today was the first day we actually connected


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  • What? I'm so confused. What happen sfter u waited for him? Did things get back to normal?

    • No I'm confused on what to do

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    • How do I do that?

    • I don't know, just do what are doing. But don't go over there everyday. It'll seem as though u r desperate, which ur not.

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