To everyone - what types of things turn you off on a second date?

Just curious what turns everyone off to a person on a second date. There was enough attraction and good things on the first date to schedule another, but then you called it quits after the second date. Why?

Fo me it's been things like bad table manners, some little nervous habit like biting nails (although some nervous habits can be cute), and one time a girl flat out insulted me then still tried to text me the next day! ... of course I didn't answer


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  • For me its the inconsistencies, attitude of the guy. The second date is when I work out the substance of the guy. Things that don't guarantee a 3rd date is:

    * Hypocrisy- all talk and no action

    * Signs he is cheap ie. Splitting the bill between us down to the very divided cent. (it has happened)

    * Distracted- Watches his phone, (or worse eyes up another woman every) 2 sec

    * All about himself - doesn't let you get a word in edgewise. or ask you anything, conversation wise.

    * Manners- def agree with you on that one.

    * Badly Dressed. We like to think you dressed yourself and not your mum.

    * No spark..**crickets chirping **

    I'd be with you on the insult thing. that's just not cool.

  • i guess when the guy let's his guard down a little and starts to show his true colors... it's a risk, but necessary... sometimes the girl sees these things and likes them, sometimes she doesn't like them so much.

    i dated this guy that was such a gentleman and made sure to open every door and let me walk through first on our first date. on the second date, all this went away where he switched to opening the door for himself and then letting me follow behind him. it bothered me enough that I didn't want to meet a third time.


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