What the hell just happened?

Ok so i probably know what you guys are going to say but I need to ask this question anyway. Ok so some background, I recently reconnected with this "friend" that I haven't seen for 4 years because I went away to school. So after a month of talking via text and via phone we got together and went to dinner and the movies and were hanging out constantly when ever our schedules allowed us to. he's a firefighter and I am a med student. So after a month of hanging out he becomes distant and starts working soo much that we dont see eachother for 2 weeks. Now I was not clingy at all, we texted back and forth but there were large gaps in between where we would not text or talk and that was completely fine. Anyway back track this week, he stands me up when we were supposed to hang out twice. I finally called him out on it and said basically that its unfair to me and we both have crazy schedules but its not cool what he's doing. His response was very apologetic saying he was working so much and working for his FDNY brothers so he always so tired. I said well thats fine but I need some attention. We were discussing this via text last night and haven't heard from him since. Now im not terribly upset, more like annoyed. Im mad at myself for sleeping with him! Do you all think he's telling the truth about not having the time or its just his cowardly way of telling me but not telling me he's not interested anymore? Thanks for any comments.


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  • Um... I think you should be really patient in this case and forget about him for the time being. It would help both of you guys a lot; time will fix things. I don't think any good can come out of this if you keep thinking about him. I don't know, eat some ice cream?



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