Class clown vs. jock? help?

So I like two guys... One is a jock who is super sweet and i like a lot and is hot.. he kept staring at me today..:) and i kept staring back.. like when he was staring and id catch him id start staring and hed catch me and it kept going for a while..
but there's this other guy i like him two and he's the class clown... i like him and he's really funny and today he kept touching my leg and my hands.

I really like both of them its not really acceptable to see both of them at the same time.. so How do i choose one guy? i really like both.. but i kind of feel like if i go for the jock ill seem desparate but if i go for the class clown ill be considered weird and be expected to be funny like him when im really not... help!!
Well I didn't wind up with either of these guys thank you all for your help!


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  • I would choose the one that has more respect for others and yourself.


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  • Why does it matter what other people think about your relationship? If you are really that worried about how you will look you obviously don't like either of the guys enough.

    • i didn't mean to them i meant to everyone else.

    • Exactly my point, why does it matter what everyone else thinks?

    • b/c i don't want either of them to get judged...

  • Pick the nerd

    • why?

    • They are smart, likely not arrogant and a player.
      Who wants a clown or a jock jerk?

    • I can understand that. but that's being stereotypical, because he's not a jerk...

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