Honestly, when am I going to go on a date?

yeah that, I've never been kissed never been in a relationship never really been more than friends with a guy, and honestly at this point I'm feeling unworthy I know it sounds dumb but really why can't I get a guy.

and its not like guys don't like me because I can tell some do and I get stares etc like every other girl and then I try to flirt to my fullest ability but for some reason they just don't I don't know when we start getting closer we just drift apart and stay friends or something ? and I remember like when I was younger it was so much easier to just be friends with guys because they were more like me than girls were and now I barely have guy friends that I talk to.

i know I'm not completely unattractive and I'm sort of like a tomboy though I dress like a complete chick id do anything once and my personality is kind of like a guys too I'm on the edge a little lol but yeah I'm feeling like no one wants me but my mom and my friends. help?


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  • Please don't despair. The woman I love has a hoarse voice; is a self-described tomboy; wears combat boots and is a Yankees fan. She knows more about baseball and football than I do yet I love her with all my heart, mind, body and soul.


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  • You might not be girly enough.

    • Or no help -_-

    • Haha sorry you really don't have the information posted that I need to understand what is going on. You could be pursuing guys that just think of you as a friend or be to in your face and are trying to take the guys position. So you should ask your friends what is really different about you and post that then I could tell you :)

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  • i used to feel just like you... it seemed like all my friends had great boyfriends, but I could never seem to find a good guy to date. I didn't have my first kiss till I was 18. all through college I developed crushes, but nothing seemed to ever happen. I graduated college, got my first job, and all of sudden at 24, I was dating quite frequently. it seemed like all my friends had someone they wanted to introduce me to, I met guys at work, some guys even just approached me.

    i think the trick is that I finally became comfortable in my own skin and started to open myself up to relationships. I am a classic commit-a-phobe, so I was very picky and still kind of am, but I'm in a new relationship with a charming, attractive, successful guy.

    i know it sounds cheesy, but believe in yourself and that you deserve it and the confidence you exude will get you the guy you deserve.

    • I've I always heard said when you stop looking for love it will find you. I finally stopped chasing love and developed a life of my own and then a girl came into my life.

    • Omg ..

      HOPE thanks :)