Did you ever had to confess first?

If so, what happened?
Did it end up well or you got rejected? (at least you tried!)


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  • I did in the 6th grade. Honestly, pimples were coming in and this was the same guy that I would have verbal fights in the classroom with while the teacher was there... haha.

    I did the "pathetic" asking him out by note. Twice. Rejected both times.

    He liked me in high school. I was over him.

    • So why was it that you got in verbal fights with him?

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    • I don't know why. I remember him calling me pizza-face. I was insecure back then but I also had a mouth so I'd shoot back.

      @Asker I don't ask dudes out anymore. Not because I'm afraid of rejection--honestly it sucks--but there are way too many dishonest guys.

      If a guy asked me out, I wouldn't try and use him for dates and free food. If I went up and asked the guy out, there are many who would say no, yes, or simply try and use me. That's why I think it's better if men show their interest first. For me, anyway.

    • I see so you prefer having a clear green light before doing anything. That's fine too :) Just dont let any opportunity pass by haha :3

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  • if i had 2 confess thn i'd rather b somewhere alone with her basically... but never did irl tbh


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  • 6th grade, this dude would flirt with me all the time and I thought he for sure liked me, so my friends wrote him a note asking if he wanted to go out with me with a "yes, no, or maybe" and he checked no ;( sad times haha

    • Awww, your friends are great! But it is better if you are the one approaching the guy! Better knowing than nothing :)

  • Yeah twice and glad it happened because they were both corney as fuck.


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