You ever misread signals while dating someone and had it end right afterwards?

You ever dated someone and misread signals by thinking they wanted one thing but really they wanted something else, and you screwed up and caused it to end right there?

I dont one know a better way to phrase it but for me, the closest I had to a relationship was this one girl who was very attractive and had a lot in common with me. She was coming on very strong and it felt right, I was in such shock at the time and happy I found someone like that. Turned out she was on the rebound and used me to fill her void, as an ego boost and to make her ex jealous.

Anyways on our first date, we hit it off really well and then we made out for a bit across from the bar we went to. She asked to go to my house after we made out which I was kinda surprised by and I thought this is unusual but oh well she's already comfortable with it. She then went scoping the family photos I had on my cabinets and started asking about them and said awwww when she saw my parents honeymoon photo. I thought she was wanting to meet my family already.

She already wanted to go to my friends bonfire too later that week and after our 2nd date, she wasn't able to make the bonfire. I then told her my parents wanted to meet her and didn't think much of it because I thought that's what she wanted and then flipped out and said that was too soon which confused me. She was very manipulative. She'd chase me constantly but the moment I showed subtle interest back, she'd act like she wanted nothing to do with me.

A few days later I asked her for another date and she said she was busy and asked to reschedule. A few days later I text her and she responds and then when I ask her about the date, I get no response at all. I text her a few days later and still get no response. A few days later I ask her why I haven't heard from her and still get no response.

A week later she contacts the ex she complained to me about and talked shit about


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  • Yeah, that happens a lot.


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  • Yeah, it happens..
    In honesty, sounds like you dodged a massive bullet though

    • I may have dodged a bullet but it still fucked with my head.

    • Always does, we've all had one of those girls unforts...
      chalk it down to learning

    • It was a learning experience no doubt, but if you've never been in a real relationship like I have and your closest thing to it is a manipulative girl rebounding on you then it could leave a lasting impression on you. At least it did for me. Like it took me longer to get over her than other girls I dated afterwards because they didn't come on nearly as strong as she did.

      I know the signs of a girl on the rebound, especially when they say they're newly single or complain about their ex, but still that wasn't cool what this girl did and it was easier said than done to get over her.

      She was so hung up on her ex that she's back with that she said she'd tell him she's with a cooler guy now in case we ran into him and on top of it that I should make fun of him for his babydick, no joke.

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  • A gal I know from church is back on good terms with me, though odds are slim her and I will ever be romantic again. But we understand each other a lot better now.


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