Some good ways to have the talk of defining the relationship? Examples of what to say? Tips?

I want to tell him that I have started to catch feelings for him and that I like him. I don't necissarly want to say I want to get into a relationship ASAP, don't want to freak him out, but what I do want is to continue hanging out, getitng to know him and seeing where things go. But I also want to find out where he stands. I also want to findout if he's seeing other people? I dont know how to ask him that in a nice way and not akward? I was thinking I could ask that by being like "do you have any condoms" the next time we have sex, and whatever he answers I would answer back something like "well I dont know, if you're sleeping with anyone else" sort of thing... or if he answered no I could be like "so how do you sleep with other girls," both jokingly of course! good idea? bad? we haven't been using condoms since im on BC. I feel he hasn't slept with anyone else..
Do I mention that Im talking to another guy, and he is really interested in something serious? But that I obviously like the guy Im talking about on here way better, and he's definitely holding me back from pursuing anything with the guy that wants serious?
Or should I say something like "Im really over the drunken hooking up" etc


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