Bf hasn't been initiating contact last few days. waiting for me to initiate?

He has pretty much been initiating these past few months. I didn;t initiate because i've been protecting my self. He broke up with me once a few months ago so i;m being cautious and letting him initiate. He hasn't initiated the last few days and but when i text he responds quickly and starts texting me a lot. Do you think he's just waiting for me to initiate since he texts me back quickly when i initiate and continues a conversation?


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  • " He hasn't initiated the last few days and but when i text he responds quickly and starts texting me a lot." .. he's doing exactly that, waiting for you to initiate.

    He's doing a god job of being a man.

    • Thanks for your answer! I just keep hearing that guys dont like it when girls contact a lot and are needy and clingy so i'm trying to give him space and contact me on his time:(

    • It's good that you're giving him space :) If you don't contact him for a day or two he'll text you, and in turn you'll be able to deduce his interest level.

  • I think you need to initiate more. Guys get bored of being the one to initiate. It leaves us feeling like we aren't that important in your life and we like 'well if she won't bother to text me or whatever... Why should I'?

    • thanks for your answer! I just don't wanna seem needy or clingy cause he broke up with me once and it really hurt so now i'm so cautious :(it sucks because i'm such a loving and giving person and i can't be that with him because i dont want to freak him out :(

    • The best advice I can offer, is to talk to him. And more importantly, listen to what he has to say. I'm not saying that what you have to say isn't as valid, but everything is cause and effect. I'm doing this, because she did that. And she did that, because I did this. And it just spirals until there is an explosion or a break up. Don't walk on eggshells, that only hurts you. Make your feelings heard, and ask him his. You will never go wrong with open communication. I promise. But that means you'll have to be able to accept his feelings and listen to what he as to say, as much has he has to listen and accept yours.

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