I wish the other gender would.....

Boys and girls of all ages, come tell us what you wish. What do you wish the other gender would do more of and less of?


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  • I wish more girls would take the initiative and start conversations with guys, break the ice, even if it is small talk, heck, even approach them, make the first move, and ask them out on first dates, because since I have Asperger Syndrome, my social skills, conversation skills or flirting skills are extremely below average, that is why I have never had a girlfriend, or has to be the main reason why I've never had one, always been single. I struggle to tell and sense if a girl is just being nice and friendly to me, or if she actually likes me, like I can't tell if a girl just see's me as just a friend only, or a potential boyfriend. Reading body language and non-verbal social cues is very tough for me, but I know it's the Societal norm, it's tradition that it has always been up to the guy to take the initiative in the dating/relationship scene, like us guys taking the lead. Even if girls refuse to do the first move or initiating that I mentioned, the at least they could do is blatantly be honest with the guy and tell him straight in his face that they are interested or not interested. As for what I wish girls would stop doing, I wish they would stop teasing and leading guys on all the time, playing mind games with them, giving them mixed signs or messages, like this has happend to me, I have asked girls for their phone numbers before, and they were real numbers, but then I found out they had a boyfriend, why the hell would they give out their phone number if they have a boyfriend already and they know they can't see other guys because their boyfriend would get jealous? that is so f***in' retarded and stupid, I f***in' hate girls that give out their numbers like that.

    • Everything you say is true. Girls can never be honest. Girls lie and cheat. Story of every guy's life

    • Yeah, but I wish more would be date initiators, because I've heard of it happening when the gender roles are reversed, but it is very rare, I'm tired of it always being up to the guy to make the first move, and all the other moves.

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  • I wish guys knew that sometimes girls just wana hear nice things.. not the brutal truth all the time. we need comforting


    • Hahahaha please I live with four girls and they all talk shiit behind everyones back. girls talk more than guys trust me. When we guys talk about stuff we talk about sports, cars, work, strippers, money how f***ed up are country is and ect. You girls on the other hand gossip behind your friends back telling eacothere how big your boyfriends d***s are and more sh*t blah blah blah non stop not even a pause for one second it like you guys talk like there's no tomorrow.

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  • I wish girls would have more rational thoughts. However it's easy to direct them into it.

  • I wish girls didn't take offence to almost everything (watch your tongue).

    I wish girls weren't so overly obsessed with consumerism. (I went out and bought that top)

    I wish girls weren't so evil and mischievous behind each others back . (it's either you or them)

    I want you to be less self obsessed

    I want you to be more energetic and kinky in bed. (hahahaha)

    I want you to be grateful for your C cup and not loathing of your 35 hip bones. (character flaws)

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