Guys i've been dating says he might move this summer. Should I stop dating him?

We've been dating for 8 months. He said he might be moving to the midwest this summer because his life isn't going well where he is now. He's not sure yet though. I have feelings for him and i think he might have some for me cause he contacts me everyday first and we see eachother every weekend. I know im gonna be heart broken if he moves. Should i stop seeing him or continue what we have and see what happens?


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  • Take a pin and poke holes in his condoms and have him get you pregnant and then shame him into staying.

    Honestly just date as long as you want and if long distance works then go for it. Does he actually have a plan when he gets there?

    • He has no plan or anything. He's very impulsive and usually wants to do things but never goes through with them so a part of me is thinking he won't really move:/

    • That seems really stupid then. You shouldn't just up and move with no plan. He might not find a better life or career and throw away thousands of dollars to learn that lesson.

    • Yes! you are very right! He's just very impuslive and immature. Doesn't think before he acts on things:/

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