Guys, would you repeatedly kiss a girl if you don't want to take it further?

I've been going out with this guy for a few weeks now. We don't see often (maybe once or twice a week), he doesn't text frequently (maybe every few days ), doesn't really make an effort to see me and somehow stopped calling me cute stuff. However, when we see at one point we end up kissing... but only pretty innocent kisses without tongue and NO! hint at sex ever. Would you do that if you're not into her? Why? Does he maybe just want to take it slow or is there really no interest? Wouldn't you at least want to kiss with tongue or end up in bed? Any other explanations for his behavior? We're both in our mid 20s. Insights pleaaaase.


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  • Oh, it could go either way!! Maybe you're entertainment until something better comes along. Maybe he's very shy of sex and you're both taking it slow. Have you initiated tongue yourself?

    Not all guys are super into sex, and not all guys are pushy about sex. So... if you're interested in things being a little heavier, you might have to start it. But if he's stopped calling you cute things, I'd not be happy about that myself.

    Try bringing up the prospect of making out, or ask him outright if he things you guys are going anywhere.

    Good luck!

    • At the beginning he told me how much he liked me and it sounded everything very promising and serious, but he has stopped telling me such things since then. He is indeed very shy with dating and getting to know a girl, but I thought that would eventually go away. No, I didn't initiate anything more myself and honestly don't really want to, since I first want to see where this is heading. He hasn't tried to make any other moves either. I'm a bit puzzled that it doesn't really look like real interest from his side, but on the other hand he also doesn't try to "escalate" the situation. I mean... I thought guys would at least choose one of these options? Why does he have me around if he doesn't want either?

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    • Eh, it could just be the way he is. I know my girlfriend doesn't show affection as openly as I do, and it can get to me sometimes. If it bugs you a whole lot, and you're not sure he's the awesomest guy every... there are other guys out there, guys who might share similar ways of showing affection with you.

      OTOH, you might learn his ways of showing affection and find they're okay!

    • Thank you a lot for your opinion. In the end only he knows and time will show eventually... He's worth it, that's why I was asking for opinions here :)

  • I think he likes you but doesn't want to feel like he's bothering you or coming off too strong. Although, this depends on his personality. If I dated a girl for a few weeks and only gave her little tiny kisses, it would be because I don't want to move too fast or she could be my wifey kinda thing. Especially if I were in my mid or late 20's. Thats when a lot of people start having kids and are settling down nowadays. If I were in a teen mentality, I would have tried to get the booty already. Or at least make out or something lol. Guys generally tend to take it slow if we value you more or if we are nervous or self conscious. Man what am I doing on this site at 1 a. m. I have to go to school tomorrow. lol.

    • Thank you a lot for our opinion and insight. I only don't know how much a 16 year old is able to judge the situation of people who are ten years older (without meaning to offend of course!) ;)

    • Haha true :)

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