My boyfriend dumped me by making me dump him, how can I over come this embarrassment?

I don't know were to start with this, we dated for some years, and broke up recently...

we would argue a lot about other women so oftenly... his likes on instagram about Swedish girls and comment saying he personally thought they were hot and the girl around him at work he would comment them telling them they are attractive and rate there pictures...

I was pretty confident when we first got together his likes towards other women wouldn't bother me so much untill he stoped giving me time, he didn't even give me a valentines day date nor even a card or text... i asked him if he thought blonde girls were prettier he said some are and came off saying he likes what he likes and whole of other things besides me, not sure if it was a truth or a big hint he wanted to breakup, so I picked to breakup, and he found himself a hot Swedish blonde gf after a few weeks...

I feel so embarrassed that he got bored of me and wanted something new and I feel unwanted...


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  • It seems like that's all people do nowadays. It's ridiculous, isn't it? That's not what my parents taught me about love


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  • Well don't think about him. I don't think I can help you much but tell you that looks aren't everything. You deserve much better than a guy who treats you that way. Look forward girl you don't know what life has in store for you ;)


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  • Lol... That is cruel and mean. Its ok just get over it... It just means he was never meant for you.