Would you deliberately string a woman along if the sex was good?

I mean be evasive when she asks were the relationship is going. Be intense one moment and disappear the next. Allow said woman to get fed up and leave only ask her to come back. Be evasive again and be mean and walk away from her when she wants to talk about the relationship. Take VERY HARSH criticism from said women and allow her to leave again. THEN ask for her back again only to repeat the situation all over again.

Would you let her go when she walked away or would you chase after her just for good sex?

I mean, not to toot my own horn (toot toot) but good sex can’t be worth putting someone through crap like this.

Before anybody says it, I'm leaving him. I'm fed up for good this time.


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  • No, you should always practice the Golden Rule. I am going to be looking at myself in the mirror for the rest of my life and I'd like to be fond of what I see in my reflection.

    • THANK YOU!!!
      I mean, not to toot my own horn again (toot toot TOOT) but I'm also a great person who wanted nothing but the best for him and he knew that. To screw a good woman like that... how can you even like yourself?

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  • Don't stay... I can understand why you've stayed cause I've been in your situation and maybe after leaving him you'll still be feeling something and wanting to go back to him or secretly praying for him to look for you... But please leave and stay strong I can promise you'll find someone better who'll make you forget you... But if you stay it will fuck up your mind and feelings and you'll end up fucked up because this random guy wants sex... Instead make him regret leaving you and your amazing sex


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  • No, i am always honest. So i would say i love having sex with you and being ur friend, but want nothing more

    • The thing about this guy is. When I asked him if this was a causal relationship he said "I don't know." When I pushed the issue TWO MONTHS later he said "I'm still in love with my EX". I left after that. Then 2 months later he said he wants to try again, I say okay, then a week late he's like, "lets just go our separate ways." After I told him off for wasting my time, he said he doesn't want to talk anymore. 2 month he come back with, "can we be friends?" Now he's tying to cook for me, starts kissing me, and even kissed me good night. He even sent one of those "I had a really good time tonight" text. Stuff he's never done before. Now he's gone again and I'm tired.

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