Why do I feel the urge to find someone else?

I am dating this guy, we're not boyfriend and girlfriend we're kind of friends with benefits, and I like him and like to see him, every time I'm gonna see him I get really nervous and when he leaves I fill so lost and depressed like o have nothing to do them...
but the day after that I feel a crazy and deep urge to find someone else, I try to go out a lot to places where I will meet guys, I've even contacted some of my ex's.
why do I feel this urge to be with someone else or find someone else after he leaves?


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  • You are afraid of your feelings and are wanting to run away.

    I have not had a friends with benefits relationship and I doubt I ever will. It is hard for me to imagine having sex with someone and not having any feelings. I understand having sex without being in love but I've never had sex with any lady if I didn't feel some affection and physical attraction.

    My concern about the friends with benefits phenomena is a much larger concern. Young people have developed a culture in which they are all scared to openly admit their feelings for someone else because - God forbid! - they might get rejected. They're not dating; they're just CHILLIN'! Now they're dating but IT'S NOT OFFICIAL! Official? What the hell do you do, go the courthouse and register yourself as a dating couple? Get a dating license? You begin and end relationships by texting so that you don't need to deal with the other person and the possibility of rejection or the agony of ending a relationship. So why don't you just go the to hospital and have a feelingectomy?

    I hear way too many things about these friends with benefits relationships where one falls in love (what a fucking surprise!) and the other one doesn't and this isn't fair! Most of you younger people are looking for a relationship. ADMIT IT!

    You want a relationship but you don't want to admit that you're motivated by any feelings. So if you just wanna get laid, why don't you go do the friends with benefits thing with somebody who's butt ugly? You won't know the difference when the lights are out!

    No, it's always with somebody who has relationship potential. You just don't want to admit it. This shit has all the insight and maturity of a 13 year old boy wanting to have a tickle fight with his cute next door neighbor.

    Take a chance and do something extreme: admit how you feel! What do you have to lose?

    • Okay so what happens after you admit it? Or what if you had already admitted it TO HIM and his answer was something like "I like you but have no time to a committed relationship"

    • You can't get maple syrup out of a pine tree. Let him know that you need more and, if he is not prepared for that, you need to start looking for someone else. Sometimes, it takes the possibility of losing someone to make a guy wake up and admit his feelings, and, if that doesn't happen, then you need to start looking. Just don't start by telling the next guy that you are looking for something casual.

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  • Because you feel like you need someone there.

  • Maybe it's the urge to want to be in a committed relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend; and maybe you just unknowingly don't like being friends with benefits .
    I don't know really I'm just guessing by what I understood.