He is stepping back to see how he feels?

I've been dating this guy for a few weeks now and we have gone on about 5-6 dates. We kissed the first date and have basically made out since then but have no slept together (as it's not something we want to do before marriage). Now he is drawing back after hanging out last weekend to evaluate how he feels (not to mix physical emotions) and if he's ready for a commitment. So what am I supposed to do in this case - wait for him to figure it out but go on other dates? I want to be in a relationship with him but his wanting to slow it down (which I agree with) but taking space has hurt me. I'm not sure how long to wait or just move on (or should I ask a time frame for his decision?)


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  • I sense some fear of commitment there. Marriage might not be in the wings for him at the moment. I would give him his space, let him ponder the issue and in the meantime leave yourself open to other prospects. You don't want to chance missing out on finding an ideal partner while waiting for him to get his act together.


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  • you must respect a guy's opinion and maybe ask him about. If he's having second thoughts and it's probably like he's got a lot of things going on in his mind right now. if you really wanna be with him and make it a commitment, both of you should really sort it out. Not just like one person said 'we must be together!' and the other was being controled. You must work it out together as a team, not as individuals..

  • Many of today's toms are sporadic, unpredictable and grow cold duck feet when feeling cornered or scared and Quickly waddle back into the murky waters from which they came from When------Not sure if they are ready for a commitment. This bird is no exception to my golden goose rule here, dear.
    If he is putting you on a back burner right now while trying to 'Figure it out,' but Not go 'On other dates,' then move on and don't wait around for him. Find someone who Might be More ready and let him know that his Slowing it down has caused you to go out there again.
    However, if he does want to Continue to go out with you, has slowed things down to just nurture and nurse what you have started, then go slow with his flow and see where it might lead.
    It's your call, your choice and as you know. Nothing in life is for certain but death and taxes. One way or another, it could either go down a beaten path or end up a Paradise for partnership.
    Good luck. xx


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