Having good meanignful conversations through text put you in the friend zone?

She was an old friend. Best friend actually. We hooked up onxe. I really hurt her in the past didn't talk for 3 to 4 years just reached outm she seems really happy to talk tk me And is reaching out more and more. I don't want to be completely friend zoned though but I feel at the same time I need to be friendly and real with her to open up again. she knows I have other girls and I get laid. she's a really strong and smart girl that demands respect. Im used to messing around with bimbos tbh.


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  • If she's the strong/smart type that demands respect and she knows you have "other girls" and are currently getting laid, then she's not taking you seriously right now. I don't think it's being too nice you need to worry about.

    • Okay. I've mentioned funny stories of different girls hitting on me from time to time. Only the out of the ordinary stories. I told her I just got out of a two year relationship and while I'm not being premiscuois I'm just having fun and focusing on myself. I think I need to play the game a little bit otherwise I get friend zoned. Like I said before I'm used to younger girls that are easier. This is a step up in wjat I'm used to.

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    • Never said that directly

    • Well you said that to us lol So maybe you're dancing around that subject with her. I guess what I'm saying is, would you be very attracted to her and taking her serious if you knew she was sleeping around right now? Why would you think she'd take you serious for the same thing? Especially if you hurt her in the past. She's looking to see major changes in your behavior, changes I'm not sure you've made.

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  • Not making a move puts you in the friendzone.

    • Trying to balance it all out.. because if I put moves on her to fast she thinks I'm just a guy trying to get in her pants using her. Too nice and too slow and I ruin my chances too. Trying to find a balance.

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    • You gave me a wisdom filled one liner but no actual constructive advixe lol.

    • Such, too, is life!

      If I knew what to tell you, I'd tell you. Sorry.

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  • I can understand why she wouldn't want anything serious with you. If you hurt her once, what makes you believe she will take you back? Not only that, but also interested in other girls to get laid?
    Me personally, I wouldn't want to be with anyone who is like that.

    • I never said she didn't want anything serious with me. I told her I just got out of a 2 year relationship and while I'm not out sleeping around I'm just focusing on myself and having fun. I mean ildo you think that's a bad thing to say?

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    • Yeah. I'm looking at her as more of a friend and said it in that perspective more than anything. Not sugguestively at all.

    • Then if you just want to be a friend, why are you scared of being friend zoned? Makes no sense to me at all.

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