White Girls, a "weird" questiom from a black brazilian girl. Why do all white girls prefer black men?

I am brazilian and I am black. I have only white girl friends and they all semm to have preference for black men, as me. But I thought it was only in Brazil. But then I discovered a lot of websites specialized in black men / white women relationships and I found it odd because black girls are not that interested in white guys as the opposite. Why do you have this fetish?

P. s: Im not trolling. I really want to know whats the big deal in black man.
Almost all* haha


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  • Those white women are fewer than you think they are.
    The hype you see regarding those women is promoted by the media constantly to brain wash white people and convince us how cool it is to get mixed and kill our race.
    You won't find one website promoting diversity on Asian and African countries. Its all about white countries and the extinction of white people that happened to be the creators of european civilisation.

    • Why would the "media" destroy their own race? Lol. Anyway, I dont see a lot of white guys dating black or "mulatto" girls. But Im talking about what I see not only on the internet but on the streets and what my white friends say.

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    • "Alicinha" is a black guy, I lived in Rio de Janeiro and that's a lie, you have to be very naive to believe that "Alicinha" is a woman.
      Eu falo português e sei que essa "Alicinha" não é mulher, é um garoto negro com inveja de brancos querendo criar uma fantasia envolvendo outras raças contando mentiras pra agradar o próprio ego.

    • and how do you figure?

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  • I'm white and my ex was a black boy yes, but I don't have a preference for black guys at all. I just prefer anyone I like rather it's a black guy or as Asian girl idc, people r people, and I'm attracted to the person not the gender or race of the individual

    • Of course. But why did you choose a black guy? Hugs :*

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    • what state are you in? racism still exists sadly and some times you just got to leave that stupidity behind

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  • huh... R U SURE bout it?

    i thought , judging from wot i see here, black guys claiming that white girls don't like them... WTF?

    • Calm down. Im asking because I see what happens with population.
      But Maybe this only happens here in Brazil.

    • From what i see here there's a lot of black lames, those guys are a poor real world representation

  • i don't think its a fetish but it is an interesting question sooo...


  • Ever notice when a black man has penetrative sex with a white girl, she most always has these deliciously, powerful and violent vaginal orgasms, some are even full body convulsive orgasms. Her moans of passion are guttural and deeper almost animalistic.
    The stats polled on the mostly white populous state that the percentage of women having vaginal orgasms are only 20%. Perhaps the would coincide that only less than 5% of white penises are over 7" which incidentally is the minimum length to reach the Upper and Lower Fornix and the Pouch of Douglas ( the a-spot and the Deep Spot).
    If you aren't really hitting the FORNix you aren't really FORNicating.
    Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back. 🕊❤️

  • It's common knowledge that black guy have bigger penis's and they prob know how to use them better

    • That's a stereotype actually, it's not true

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    • I've looked it up, if there's a difference it's very small

    • average white guy is about 5.5 to 6 average black guy is 7 to 8 and if you bigger ur considered too big I guess lol

  • hahahahahahahahah
    gimme a sec

  • I'm an American white guy who doesn't get laid a lot in the US. A friend of mine convinced me to go to Brazil with him, and I was amazed when I was there just how much the girls are into really white, Northern European-looking guys. I had more sex in two weeks there than I had in the previous six months at home.

    I know plenty of girls like black guys, but I don't think there's any preference that excludes white guys.

  • Yeah it isn't all, it's only the slutty dumb ones.

  • Are you talking about porn sites? Those sites are typically more visited by black men than white women. Guys are always the number one customer for any type of porn.

    • Nooo I dont see porn movies. Im talking about dating sites :)

    • Okay sorry. I haven't visited any of those dating sites. I didn't know there were any dating sites for just white women and black men.

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  • OMGG.

    these generalizing questions are fucking insane lmao every time I refresh I see them wkdbkanensm #dies

  • Not all Hun, just some. :)

  • Um, you're super wrong

  • All women in general prefer white men, you pulled this fantasy out of your ass, even the brazilian women prefer white guys, I think you're a black guy pretending to be girl because I remember your last question trying to please white guys fantasy and ego and the girl in the photo of your profile is fake.

    People need to be naive to don't know that "Alicinha" is a black boy pretending.

    Sorry, other black guys.


    • Not white guys, fix, you're trying to please fantasy of black guys, like you're a black guy yourself trying to please black boys racially in the ego fantasy who some want to have against white guys.

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    • Always have the possibility of the exceptions that I don't know, but "All women" is an generalization to say "the majority", the majority of mixed people were made by white men in the past, white men were the settlers who boarded on ships for months without women to discover new places and they were desperate to have sex or see any women, or any land, discover something, and when they viewed women in other countries and continents they mixed with them even if they were ugly or not so attractive for them because they were desperate for sex and women after months on ships.

      Mixed people were invented by white men, American latin people are product of white men when they discovered new countries and they mixed with natives.

      I'm sorry, but questions like this are trolling.

    • Its because those women were raped not because they liked them. Most people prefer and mate with their own this is always been the case and it still is.

  • Being a white Brazilian myself, I assure you that neither me nor my friends have the 'black fever'. This weird trend must be regional.


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