He followed up after 3rd date and now silence. What's going on?

We have been out on 3 dates and we met online. The 3 dates happened quickly (in 2 weeks) as he seemed really eager to get to know me better. The 3rd date was this past weekend. We went to a museum and then want to his apt, drank wine and talked for 6 hours about really serious and deep things. It was amazing or so I thought. I ended up sleeping over (but no sex). The next night, I got the following text from him
"Wait a minute... back to me being alone in bed? What? ;)" and I followed up with a thank you message saying I had a great time and enjoyed his company. He replied with "Was great hanging with you too. Such a great night, great conversation." It's been 3 days now and silence. What gives? Is he interested or not? He was very assertive before about asking me out and now nothing!


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  • He's yours to lose. Your misguided belief that he has to do all the legwork here means you're going to lose him, too.

    • He would have contacted me already? No? He has been so assertive before! If I contact him, what should I say?

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    • Ha. No, I haven't. I am deciding what to do. That's why I am asking you!!

    • "You are smart. All the guys are telling me that the ball is in my court. I think he lost interest too "


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  • He lost interest

    • You are smart. All the guys are telling me that the ball is in my court. I think he lost interest too

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  • Yea, it is now up to you to text him

    • Why me? I don't understand

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    • We live in a feminist day and age, that fights for equality.

    • Because according to the principles of equality, since you are interested in him then you should message him

  • Balls in your court, maybe put out next time.

    • Why is the ball in my court?

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    • In my experience, when I man doesn't reach out, he's no longer interested. I have tried to contact ones who haven't reached out and they still don't respond which is what I had suspected

    • Or they'll think it's just me doing the work, no reciprocation, she's probably not that interested. It's a bit of give and take, if you ping them a text and they don't reply then fuck 'em, who cares?

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