What's your take on this?

Asked a girl out got this as a reply. It's not the 1st time i've asked her out but the others she just said she needed time.

I'm going to be honest here, which is quite hard sometimes for me I got hurt real bad the last time I let someone get even slightly close. Then to top that someone I considered a really close friend went and hurt me too within a matter of days... So I guess I'm in a pretty low place right now... So I keep myself busy to take my mind off of him and her... It's not that I don't want to meet up... But I just need to get myself together, I need to get my life back on track and work out who I am again... Because when something that big happens... Well you could've put a stick of dynamite down my throat and set it off and that still doesn't even come close... I've lost a lot so for now (if it's okay with you) I'd like to just keep it on Facebook for a little while longer... I don't think I'm ready for something new just yet... Not after what happened... I'm sorry

(Not posting my replys as there to long just posting hers.)

It's nothing personal, honestly, but I do find it hard to believe anyone who promised me anything... For many reasons... I'm a difficult person hence the walls I suppose, probably more to keep things hidden than to keep people out which I suppose in a way is the same thing haha... Not doing too well here am I? You seem like a lovely guy... But you'll learn my past plays a huge role in my future... There are so many things that affect who I am and what I do... Not all good unfortunately but that's another story that I don't quite think I'm ready for
Thanks. I've tried offering friendship. before we move onto anything else. but it yields the same result. at the moment she's keeping all our interactions online, or she's poped into my work once or twice.

It's difficult. because I feel like If I'm not careful she will move on to someone else? she always has a male person add her at least 2-3 times a week.
I would like this question deleted by mods. If someone could please report it.
Reason being them messages are straight out of my inbox, and i would hate for the Girl to read this XD


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  • my take is that she is interested in you. I'm sure about how she reacts. So she wants to keep things as they are because having you there online is helping her to keep her sanity.

    You could try offering instead of a "Date" to have a games night with a bunch of other friends. As a way of you been able to support her.

    Given that all I can think it would be to ask her what she means. For you before she'd be willing or able to have a casual, face-to-face meeting.

    • Given that all I can think it would be to ask her what she means. For you before she'd be willing or able to have a casual, face-to-face meeting.

      What do you mean by that?

    • Ask her what she needs from you to help her feel more comfortable to meet in person. Manbey if there is no relationship pressure? Meeting as friends.

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  • She seems interested, but needs to get her life together. I'd let her do that and support her in any possible way, but without seeming obnoxious or like you want to be together. Then try again, maybe.


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  • I think she might be interested, but isn't ready for a relationship yet. You could become just friends with her and help her out and maybe something grows from there, but you have to decide that for yourself.


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