Is it okay if a guy your dating calls girls names?

Is it okay if they call them cutie and names like that? My bf always calls girls that if were walking and he she's an attractive girl.


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  • hahah of course... happens 99% in relationships... although i don't like it much basically... it's normal :-P


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  • To me, that would be... kind of disrespectful. I wouldn't look at a guy that's better than him or simply attractive and say that. Why shouldn't he do the same?

    If that is his normal way of speech though--like some men call every woman "honey/babe"--then I wouldn't be annoyed.

    I also thought you meant calling her derogatory names. If any dude did that, I would immediately call it off. I wouldn't disrespect him--he should do the same.


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  • Disrespectful to you. No doubt.

    He's a douche.


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