If I'm American and he's Canadian, which age of consent laws are followed?

And I mean like long distance... So we're both in different countries.


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  • Nudes, you say?

    I'm pretty sure the age of consent for both of you would be 18. It would be covered by federal law, I think, in both countries. It's not like actual sex, which would be covered by state/provincial law.

    • I wouldn't open any files he sends. You don't want to end up on a sex offenders' register, LOL!

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    • he's 18 in like a month and a half

    • Oh, OK. Yeah, get him to wait. That can be his birthday present, LOL!

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  • I don't know for sure but I would assume it's based on geographical location. So it would depend on if you're actually in Canada or which state in the U. S. you're in (since age of consent laws varies by state here).

    • we're both in different states at the time it occurs

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    • yeah no way, i delete them and tell him to stop
      it freaks me out too much

      But when i get a message I never know if its a picture of his lunch or something I shouldn't be seeing until I open it

    • Yeah, I understand. If you're deleting them then it shouldn't be a big deal.

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  • I believe whichever state you are in when the action occurs. Unless it becomes a federal crime, such as if you kidnapped a child and crossed state borders.

    • lol yeah i'm not about to kidnap him

  • It would be whichever country you fornicated in and got caught lol

  • The country where said act happens i believe.

    • it occurs in both though.
      at the same time.
      because long distance.

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    • well nudes then

    • No it doesn't lol. I think we need to get on the same page on what "age of consent" entails.

      "age of con┬Ěsent-
      the age at which a person's, typically a girl's, consent to sexual intercourse is valid in law."

      How are you two having sex simultaneously in two separate countries?

      Now nude pics when you're underage is different. If he's in the US and has these pics, he technically has possession of child pornography (if it's you that's under age).

  • If it was you who was 17 and him that was over 18 then I think he wouldn't be breaking any laws in Canada, but since you're in the country with the 18+ law that means you are in possession of illegal photos.

    • i deleted them immediately though and didn't ask for them <_<

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