If your date asks about your sexual history?

If you are on a date with someone you're interested in and they ask the furthest you've been with someone sexually, do this mean they are thinking about getting physical with you? Or is it a general question to ask in this setting.

P. s it didn't make me feel uncomfortable as I've known this guy long enough to know his intentions.


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  • i'd rather not tell because she might pissed of if i told her, that i've been with prostitutes ONLY be4 her

    • I'm sure you wouldn't have to highlight exactly who you've slept with. As long as it was safe sex etc

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  • I wouldn't talk about sex during the first date, so I would probably think that the guy is used to getting sex after it.

    It would be a turn-off for me though.

    • It wasn't the first date though. I've known him 6+ months and it's the first time he's brought up sex.

    • Oh. Then I would assume that he's trying to see how far you'd go.

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  • Its both, like what are you capable of and how are my odds so I know if we do something or If i should judge you harshly for being a slut. The male mind is really a weird thing... or maybe its just mine, I usually don't ask though cause I really don't care or need to know who they've slept with. It only causes problems in my experience.

  • Curious testing out the waters

    • Thanks. Why wouldn't a man disclose how many women he's been with?

    • You're welcome, I hope it all works out for you

  • It's very possible, but he could also just be curious.

    • Thanks. Also Why wouldn't a man disclose how many women he's been with?

    • He may think the woman would be turned off by that.

    • But hard to say so...

  • He's curious, he's testing the waters.


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