How to stay cool around crush?

I'm 15 and I have a huge crush on this girl (15). Everytime I'm around her I get SUPER nervous. She is the first girl that I genuinely get nervous around. I've had "crushes" on other girls before, but when I see her my stomach starts felling funny. My question is, how can I try to be cooler around her? I'm shy so I'm not good with being around girls. I think she might like me but I still get nervous. Thanks!


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  • So you mean you act uncool around her? Like how? I think you should just go up to her by the way. That's how must relationships start, trust me on this one.

    • When I talk to my friends when she is near I mix up words. That's why I'm nervous to talk to her, I don't what to not be able to talk. I also get hot and I avoid eye contact. For some reason I don't smile or laugh around her, too.

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    • Man you got it bad. I say you begin by waving or saying hello. Not so many people do it now adays and it'll catch her attention good.

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  • When I was 15 I'd get really nervous/timid around my crushes too. It's normal, realize that first. Next, work out of it. Be confident, be yourself, it's all in your head. Just talk with her like you would any of your friends, get to know her talk about her, make her feel comfortable, smile, be friendly, make her laugh, etc

    good luck brother!


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  • If you don't already, then try talking to her. You'll get used to her eventually. Try talking to other girls more too I guess. Practice makes perfect.

    And be yourself cause it works and it makes it easy.

    Also don't over think it so much. Just say whatever comes to your mind.

  • Have more confident my bro. Make joke and tease her ! The trick to stop being nervous around girl you like is to think that you are better than her. Think you are above her league and think it would be an honor for her to go out with you.

  • Bump into her boobs and compliment them, it will become regular and TADA! you confronted your fears.

  • Do you know her name?

    • Yes. I know of her, I've just never spoken to her.

    • Hi
      Introduce yourself
      Ask for her name
      Where are you from
      Thats cool
      Complement her ex. wow i like your hair
      I gotta go
      leave her your number
      Say by with a smile.
      The key is to be confident and relax. If you don't have confidence act like you do.

    • Thanks!

  • fuck her raw


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