Should I worry about this? Or should I just give up?

Ok so I met this guy at a bar and brought him home, we fooled around but didn't have vaginal sex. Then in the morning he said he had to go help his parents move but would text me after. He did text me even though I assumed he wouldn't cause it was basically a one night stand and my roommates were really crazy towards him but anyways he talked to me all that day. Then he offered to come dd for my friends that night and he did and I invited him back to sleepover we hooked up again but no vaginal sex. Then we spent time talking and cuddling then in the morning we talked and fooled around but no sex. Then we talked two days after we fooled around all day. I texted him today but he hasn't replied. I don't know if he just wants to fool around he told my friends while staring them in the eye that he liked me a lot and wanted to take me out. Also the way he looks at me is in a way I've never seen before it's like he's looking at my soul not my body and he's just comfortable to be around. He calls me gorgeous and beautiful all the time but I don't know wouldn't he make an effort and ask me out? Or am I being stupid and over thinking cause it's only been two days since we've talked and I've only texted him once in those two days I met him 6 days ago. I'm just afraid of being rejected like I always do...


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  • I don't know... guys are messed up sometimes. Listen to your gut... it's always right. I'm sure he'll message back though.

    • See part of me says to bail now and everytime I get that feeling something bad happens after so I think I should give up but then the other part thinks it's stupid to give up over 6 days

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    • Ok I'll try I'm just afraid that he won't :(

    • Then he's not worth it.

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  • Text him i guess

    • I did today just saying hey but so far no reply

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    • You sound cool

    • Thank you, I just figure if I'm interested in a guy why bother trying for someone else at the same time it's like saying it'll fair then calling the other guy a back up

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