Im dating a bipolar person?

Ok so yep... he hasn't talked to me in 2 days... says i play *mind games*
i ask him how his day is going *mind games*
i want you to meet my dog *mind games*
you should come over Sunday *mind games*
he has been through so much shit and i dont mind it, but he needs to knock it off! This is the last convo, he hasn't texted me sinse then (2 days ago)

This was they day after we hung out and i met his friends and has the best time ever. Then i tell him i had fun with my other friend i haven't seen in months, gets mad. Once again he is bipolar. What do you think?
Im dating a bipolar person?


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  • He thinks you are trying to make him jealous by talking about this everett. It doesn't sound like he is bipolar, just sounds like one of his exes used to do that to him, its actually more common than you think.


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  • He got some insecure issues going on yea he could be
    bipolar he seems upset over Everett , when everything
    upsets or makes him mad yes he can be bipolar see
    bipolar people have poor judgment, grandiose thinking
    they can switch in their mind from one thing to the next
    I am bipolar i can change cell phone carriers every 1 to
    3 months but it's something i am trying to control but
    it's so hard too do.

  • Been there, done that, and all the time I'm scared she might do something if I was honest with her, but eventually it was the right thing to do and she understood.

    • can you please explain more? Do you meed been in my shoes? Or his?

    • She's my cousin's friend and whenever I'm in the states, she'd do whatever it takes to be near me and talk to me and when we were hanging out and I took her for lunch, she thought that it was a date and that I want to be her boyfriend. We started hanging out as friends, but she thought that we were more than that so when she saw me hanging out with another girl, she freaked out and actually beat the shit of the other girl. That is what you call an actual bipolar person. We were younger then... we were 14 after all.

    • Ok but thisguy, we had sex and make out and yeah trats me like a girlfriend

  • You said you had more fun with someone else than him and it happened to be a guy..

    • He knows about him and he knows i ha ent seen him for months. I know he does t mind. But wait is that bad? He did tell me we wernt dating and not to fall in love with him. He treats me like a girlfriend tho

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    • You said you're dating but he said you're not. I think you both got things a bit messed up

    • Hm ur right


  • Break up with him


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