Girls, How much do you like to be pursued?

This girl and I are into each other. But she is so busy that she doesn't have a lot of time to make plans. So here I am initiating here and there every day. She did tell me that she doesn't like to text me first cause she doesn't want to 'bug' me. Should I keep pursuing her? Or is going a few days w/o contact ok to see if she will wonder what I am up to?


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  • She clearly gave you the okay to pursue her. I enjoy being pursued because it tells me the guy is interested. But it depends on the girl.

    I wouldn't go "a few days" without contact. Probably one at the most.

    • True. I don't know, i guess I would like her to give some more effort than she is. But maybe it's too early for that =/

    • I understand what you mean. If a guy got my number, was chatting me up and seemed interested, it would make sense to send a message or two FIRST to let him know that I'm interested in him as well.

      I get what you're saying. I've never done it, but I understand the other side.

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