Do we Need To talk Everyday?

I have been talking to this guy for a month, so Monday was my birthday and I spend it with that day, I ended spending the night over his house again it was good time talked and listen to music. The later on the next day I text him just to ask him how his day was going and replied back saying that his day was long but it was good day we only text for about five minutes and the last thing I text him just mention that it was long day because I drove everywhere that day and that I knew he would of past him math test. When I text him he never text back which bothers me. Long story short he got facebook last night because I seen that it was on messenger he didn't post anything on facebook because he never does, he was online for a bit and he got off and I knew he went to bed because it was around 12:16 am that's the lastest he stay's up But he still didn't text back though. So today he was on messenger earlier for a good 10 to 20 minutes I think and he haven't text me. I know that me and him are talking but we are not dating so I do not know if I should be bad that he hasn't text me or just let it go. I we both like each other and I just kinda freaking out that he hasn't text me. I know I could text him, but I do not want to seem clingy you know. I just need advice on how to handle this. If it matters his age is 33 and my age is 24.


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  • Well first off you aren't anything official yet, so no it isn't that big a deal. Second of all just because he doesn't respond to you immediately or even within a day all the time does not mean that he doesn't love you.


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  • Ask yourself this, do you talk to anyone else this much? if not, then you need to slow down the amount of texts you send him. Make him come to you a bit


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  • I personally think the age difference is too much, but whatever.

    No, you don't need to talk every day. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


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