When is the time to get out before he leaves?

Ok so basically every guy I've been with has started off really great and then either said they weren't into having a relationship, or they just want to be friends, etc, etc and then they leave. I was just wondering if there is a set time that if there is no clear indication of him staying and when it is time to leave before I could get hurt. Are there clear things that guys say or do to show they are just being nice but are waiting it out to reject you? Are there things he will do to say he wants you? I just am so scared of getting hurt and rejrcted but I still want to give the relationship a chance to become a relationship but at the same time I am just so tired of trying to make things work or trying to get a guy to stay only to find out he is just going to disappear I don't want to get clingy or try to hard but I feel like I have to try to make the guy stay or like me with every guy


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  • STOP! in the name of love. . .

    You have the wrong focus here. The trick is not to learn when to run away. The better question is "what am I doing that pushes guys away?" When you get treated consistently by several different people, it almost always relates to something that you are doing and to which they are responding.

    The answer is contained in your post. "I feel like I have to try to make the guy stay or like me with every guy." That is a guaranteed plan for failure. Every guy will not love you for who you are and that is why most people date a succession of people before they meet "the one." Every guy will dislike you when you try too hard because you will come across as clingy, needy, and pathetic. Relax! Stop trying to make your current relationship be "the one," enjoy what it has to offer, and understand that if it doesn't work, you will find someone else and start over. Does starting over sometimes suck? Absolutely, but it's no worse than what happens when you keep driving guys away.

    • I'm not being clingy with him, I'm just asking if under a week into getting to know someone and he is already not texting me back or really asking about me would it be absurd for me to just run away cause by those signs he's clearly not interested

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    • I don't get relationships every guy hates me cause I'm disgusting and ugly

    • It's ok cause I hate me too I ruin everything for myself

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  • Don't make the relationship all about sex. Wait. The right guys that's willing to will be worth it.

    • I never said anything about sex?

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    • Sorry but i have seen this question in the past people dont understand that men use women. Surprisingly. We get bored If its gone there is nothing else to achieve. Make us earn it.

    • I already knew that before.

  • Being rejected is part of life... you may get rejected or you may reject someone else. Its the way we find who we are truly meant to be with.

    So don't look at it as a bad thing... it is actually a positive thing!

    • I've been rejected by every guy in my life no one has ever wanted me

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    • Hahaha... so it may not necessarily be the guy that is in the settling in mode, you may like to change it up too!

      That's okay, you are at an age where you want to explore different men. That's normal.

      Regarding the older guy I was just thinking a couple of years difference or maybe three tops.

    • Remember though.. a guy may only be clingy at the beginning because he is trying to get to know you better so he likes spending time with you.

      He may not be clingy once things have settled down and he knows you well.

  • Sorry, there no way to tell. If you're that insecure about it, maybe you should work on it before pursuing a relationship.

    Insecurity will kill any relationship.

    • Well if he isn't trying to get to know me within under a week of meeting he's probably not interested in me right so I should just delete his number before he has the chance to hurt me first, I'm just trying to keep myself from being hurt or opening up just to be left again

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  • If it ever feels like he's acting different, that's when.


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