Whenever a guy looks like he wants to tell you more, but does not?

So I work with this guy, and the first time I met him he worked at one of the other stores. I had to work there one day. I had a feeling he was attracted to me right away, by the way you looked at me. I felt the same way. To me it's more than looks. I can tell we would have an amazing connection. When we let on that day he only said bye to me and nobody else. The problem is I found out he has a girlfriend. Anyways now we work together in the same store now and whenever he leaves he ALWAYS comes to the back to say bye to me and to tell me to have a good evening. He always pushes his chest out as well. Sometimes whenever he is around me he can't look me in the eyes or looks to the ground. Another thing he does is laugh at some things I say when they are not funny.
The thing I want to know is whenever he says goodbye he always looks at me like he wants to say something else. Like he has that look in his eyes, but he doesn't. I just smile at him and I can see the "light" of happiness in his eyes. He kind of just stays really still and then awkwardely leaves

another thing is whenever we bump into each other randomly at work he stops and lights up. Whenever I walk by he stops what he is doing and looks


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  • Well he is definitely into u, but i'm not sure what u r trying to ask. If u want something more to happen, u could maybe suggest to hang out after work or something.

    • Thanks. Why do you think he is heisting to say something

    • Im not sure what u mean by heisting but i think i know what u r trying to say. Well as u said he has a gf and he probably just wants to be nice to u and friendly, but might not want to pursue anything. He might want to but knows he can't cos of his gf.

    • I know it sucks

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