Is it OK to love two women?

Long distance girl and I are still mutually in love but our ambitious life styles keep us appart. We are not in a relationship but it's almost as if we are because I can't feel right about giving myself completely to another woman. A local girl wants the key to my heart but she isn't OK with me having feelings for long distance girl. What should I do? I love them both.


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  • Break up with the long distance girl and stay with the local one. Ugh, those labels are horrible.
    Basically, I've been the long distance girl and it's never fair on her because she can never have all of you anyway. You'd rather just let her go, because long distance really isn't feasible in the long run (unless you have plans to move where she is). A girl you meet locally is more likely to keep you satisfied emotionally as well as physically.

    However, all said and done, if you still feel very strongly about the "long distance" girl, do something about it and eliminate the distance between you two.

    • :-) thank you. Our ambitions for both of us is to be pilots, we have expensive training and a competitive work field and... I could continue to make a million excuses but, your right. I have fears in both situations for the long distance girl - I have moved for women in the past and it didn't work out. For the local girl - I have dated women in the past with addiction issues and it wasn't good (but local girl has been sober and in recovery for a year and a half) I need to get over my fears and take action.

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  • Unless the long-distance girl is coming back to your local area sometime soon, that's a waste of time, so in that case I'd say go with the local girl.


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