If you were speed dating and I presented you with descriptions of two very different women-- which would you be most interested in dating?

Well guys? Let's have some fun. One description is of me, the other is of my friend! We thought it would be interesting to see how you all react:

Woman 1:
Short (4'11"), slim/athletic build, 25 years old.
Completed her bachelors.
Currently a waitress, zumba instructor, and chasing her dream of becoming a famous singer.
Is into singing, dancing, spirituality, heath, fitness, and puppies.
She cusses like a sailor and believes life should be lived in the moment.
She believes in gender roles.
"Good" traits: Adventurous and life of every party
"Bad" traits: Very jealous and posessive, short temper, stubborn

Woman 2:
Medium height (5'4'), curvaceous/hour glass build, 21 years old.
Completing a triple major.
Currently a pre-law student, published author, national speaker, and chasing her dream of becoming an attorney.
Is into writing, reading, engaging in witty or stimulating conversations, painting, tennis and bowling, social justice, and empowerment.
She is slightly naive and believes one should work hard, play hard.
She doesn't believe in gender roles.
"Good traits": Witty/funny, passionate, not very jealous or posessive
"Bad traits": Slightly naive, too trusting, fiesty when mad

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  • Woman 2
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  • Neither sound like girls I would be interested in dating
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  • They both sound like someone I would date
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I honestly didn't even get down to the "Good traits"/"Bad traits" part before deciding on #2. Her professional ambitions, apparent intelligence and work ethic, and interests are far more in line with the type of woman I'd fit with. My concern is that she's still very young, could be a career and social climber type; and likes to "play hard." Based on my own past experiences, the ability of someone like her to put a guy high enough on her list to commit to and make the sacrifices required to sustain a relationship is likely somewhat questionable at this point in time.

    • To add: the body type didn't even really register with me. However, the height did make me pause, which is somewhat funny because women are usually the ones who are thought to care far more about height. A girl being 4'11" would never by itself make me not want to pursue her, but I'd definitely prefer a more average height.

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    • Actually, all of my long-term relationships have been with intelligent, ambitious girls who went on to prestigious careers. A large part of that was going to schools where that was norm, but either way that's what I wound up being attracted to.

      My overall feeling on the matter is that they treated the relationship as disposable. The companionship, the emotional support, and the sex were great while the relationship was reasonably convenient. On a certain level I'd say they were willing to invest just as much or more than many other woman. However, when opportunities arose that made it inconvenient, they'd rather dispose of it in exchange for another, more convenient relationship rather than try to make it work. Mind you, the definition of convenient and inconvenient in this context is really more of a cost-benefit thing than an actual state. There were arguably committed to the idea of *a* relationship, but not any given relationship, if that makes any sense.

    • So when I say "social climber," I really mean more in the sense of seeking opportunities to improve her social standing that inherently make the relationship inconvenient and thus lead to her disposing of it, rather than jumping to some more socially admired guy to improve her own stature. She's too smart and independent to be that shallow, hopefully.

      If it's important to her to be on a first-name basis with all the important people around town and receive invitations to all the hot events, it makes sense to be with somebody who runs in those circles. That would not be compatible with my preferred lifestyle; I'm much more low-key.

Most Helpful Girl

  • ok, what in the actual eff is speed dating?

    • haha its basically where you meet a number of women or men and only have a limited time to talk to each :))

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    • yeah id stuff up so bad if i couldn't just take my time lol. @phoenix98

    • Lol yeah I know what you mean I just like to take my time with stuff, I mean I could do things rushed, but there is no fun is being under pressure, you know dates are about relaxing and having a good time, not seeing how much you can say about yourself in a couple minutes.

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What Guys Said 12

  • woman 1 doesn't sound bad but woman 2 just sounds better.

    I kind of like girls with ideals who are slightly naive. And are trusting. She sounds really smart and ambitious.

    Woman 1 sounds fun but not super compatible with my personality. I'm not into zumba and fitness and puppies. Just not that kind of person so we wouldn't fit very well even though she sounds like a good gal.

    • I like how you responded in such a sensitive manner :) Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  • Not my cup of coffee...-_- these choices make me want to vomit.

    • Lol ouch haha
      That's fine. We all have our own preferences.

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    • hahaha, sorry, but your reasons are so adorable: 'no one steals my thunder?' x)
      Not going to lie, she is pretty dominant and you guys might end up fighting to be in the limelight. Hmm, yeah, I can see how you might butt heads a lot.
      And whatever lol, I recall you saying both choices make you want to 'vomit'? Such a powerful word. Ha, so no offensive being taken, but what qualities of mine repulse you?

    • You sound boring. Your too trusting. Naive your a National speaker. what ever that is... you work too hard and sounds like you don't play at all. You play tennis, I play fireball tennis. I'll have to admit i'm not convinced that we would be a good match. However since your going to be an attorney an all, there might be slight tiny microscopic possibility that you could change my mind. Its not guaranteed but you have a better chance to convince me then the first girl.

  • Just like another poster said this was heavily pushing for the second girl. I'm also a pre-law student as well so that'd be something we could talk about.

    • Thanks for the response!
      I agree. My friend and I are thinking about reposting it later by taking out the bad characteristics part and balancing the descriptions more so it doesn't seem like an unequal comparison. It should be interesting to see how reactions differ or if they end up staying the same, etc.

  • Honestly not a speed dater but I would choose women 2 if I was ever in such a situation.

    • Why her over the other? If you don't mind me asking.

    • Well for one, women one is not my type seems like the kind of person without a plan that just lives in the moment. I on the other hand have a plan, I don't live in the moment.

      Women two is more my type ( minus not believing in gender roles and not being religious ) she is educated and education is extremely attractive to me and I love to learn. She is reliable and stimulating especially when it concerns art and poetry/literature and I am both a classical oil painter and a poet, and I have grown up believing hard work is everything thing, the world does not sit still and spoon feed you what you want off of a silver platter. If you want something you have to go out there and take it for yourself. So overall minus one or two things she is far better for me then women one.

  • Mmn second one but both the options sounds horrible

  • Two horrible choices

    • Interesting. Why do you say that?

    • Negatives for me: The first woman is only 4' 11", slim/athletic build - no attraction there. Is pursuing a career as a famous singer? No thanks. I want nothing to do with that for countless reasons. And it also tells me she is probably stuck pretty high on herself as well. She is into "spirituality," which sounds like New Ageism. And I am a Christian, so that wouldn't work. And I am extremely turned off by women with filthy mouths.
      The second woman has a triple major, which means she is far too ambitious for my tastes, and has a high profile job in which she is the center of attention, and wants to become an attorney - probably the least attractive position for anyone, but a woman, especially. Into "social justice and empowerment". Ummm.. NO. And she doesn't believe in gender roles. Not the woman for me then.

    • Thanks for the clarification and response.

  • Both are "meh".

  • id say both

  • lol can't believe I'm the only one that voted A

    • haha, guess you're the only one who sees her for all that the great things she has to offer :))

  • Not looking; but women two is superior to woman one. Seems much more put together and ambitious. Also, gender roles really anger me.

  • 1. (But without "gender roles" crap).

  • The bad character traits of Woman #1 are all deal-breakers for me. Woman #2 sounds fine.

    • What if Woman #1 didn't have those bad character traits or at least you didn't know about them? Would you still pick Woman #2 over her?

    • If I didn't know about the bad traits, I would probably be interested in getting to know both of them better and see which one is a better match for my personality.

    • What if you were presented with this question. The options include three different kinds of women and the bad characteristics aren't mentioned: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1460546-poll-guys-if-you-were-speed-dating-i-presented-you-with

What Girls Said 2

  • You were clearly selling the second woman.

    • Really? That's interesting because we both came up with the descriptions for each other together..

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    • Well both you guys were trying to sell the 2nd woman because the first one is just Bleh and not that great. Her bad traits are more than her good ones plus it's like you're comparing them and you're making no 2 seem better than her for example with the bad traits you said no 1 is jealous and possessive but no 2 isn't, there's more but I'm lazy. If you were a guy who would you choose?

    • Looking back at it, I can see that. Hmm, we might try reposting it later by taking out the bad traits section and making it more balanced. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Wow! A very tough crowd for Women 1


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