Why would it bother boyfriend?

I told my boyfriend about a guy who flirted with me and asked me out and he says, 'babe, i don't want to hear these things, I don't tell you about flirting with others' should i not be able to tell him these things? isn't he being over sensitive?


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  • It depends to be honest I mean like I sometimes tell my girlfriend if a girl flirts with me but only normally if I want to let her know. I don't always tell her normally because I get flirted with quite a bit especially at school (no not being cocky just saying) I normally only tell her if it becomes a problem or if its a friend because if its a friend of mine and clearly they know I am in a relationship than I am getting rid of them and I would let my girlfriend know because I am keeping her in the loop.

    That's how I normally feel about her as well I don't want to know about every guy flirting with her but I mean if one of her friends do it than I want to know and want to know what she did about it. If some random guy flirts with her he's not going to be around anymore so I could care less and I trust she denied him.

    do I think he's being over sensitive though I don't know it depends on how you said it, he also might simply just trust you and know you will do the right thing and not want to know. Normally you should only tell him if its someone you see regularly in your life or a friend just to keep him in the loop like I do. If it's some random guy it normally just seems like you're trying to make us jealous or something.


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