Girls, opinions on second chance?

Well briefly, late last year dated a girl for a few weeks, and had a lot of fun. Though I fucked up after the 3rd date and over pursued, hence getting the " not looking for a relationship right now " brush off. And I walked away with no drama.
She has reached out after 4 months, and I am unsure whether it's a case of after disappearing for so long her interest/curiosity may have risen again, or she maybe has been dating someone else, split up and looking for an ego boost... Any opinions on what she might be thinking?


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  • You may have come on too strong in the beginning and freaked her out a bit. Now, after space, she may realise you're compatible and given herself and you enough space to try again on a more even keel.

    • Cheers, yeah she added at the time she sees a lovely lady in my future.. I thought she was giving me a subtle move on buddy, though maybe it was just softening the blow

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  • Dude I don't know, up to you to find out


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