If I'm still single, means I'm not attractive?

Im just tired of being alone. Guys don't ask me on a date, I'm a little reserved but not to the point of intimidating or whatever other reason for guys to not approach me. I'm nice and friendly with people who want to know me or talk to me, but they just don't even come up to me.
I catch some guys staring at me, but that's it...
I tried to approach couple of guys while was out and they behaved scared, in my opinion :/
but then they continue to stare at me.
so I don't know does it mean I'm ugly to them? if so, why do they stare? how can I get a boyfriend, what should I do?


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  • not necessarily. You may look alright, but you may not give off enough cues to guys that you're interested. Understand that less guys approach women these days for a number of reasons, so you need to put on your A-game to attract male attention. Leave no stone unturned

    • what cues you mean?

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    • he feels very uncomfortable, nervous when i talk to him... but he can't stop looking at me or be around me when he can :/
      isn't weird?

    • well he may not be as confident as you think if he hasn't asked you out

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  • I think you will meet him when you start to feel good being single. Most of the time the things we are looking for appear to us the second we stop searching for them. That does not mean to sit home all day, watch TV and think "Im so happy, Im single!". Go out, smile more, have fun... the best way to meet someone who might be the right for you is to do the things you love. For example - you like swimming - sign up for a swimming lessons. Maybe there will be this sweet guy who loves swimming just like you. Shared hobbies are always a good start for a relationship. But mostly - live for yourself, have fun with friends or alone and stop thinking about it. He will show up just in time! :)

    • I'm 10 years older than you, I've been doing all this. I'm still single, that's why I ask.

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  • Post a good picture of yourself if you want a meaningful reply from anyone.

    • i dont want being judged here.
      i ask why men dont feel attracted to me. im tired of people saying "its not only good looks, you know"
      but the truth is- yes it is. look, even you want to see my face, before answering.
      means it matters a lot.

    • Yes, attraction is physical. If you want to know whether you are attractive, we need to see what you look like. Otherwise, we are like a blind man trying to describe an elephant. But, physical attraction isn't just "are you pretty." Maybe you have a perpetual scowl on your face, slumped shoulders, dress unattractively, etc.

  • It's not about attractiveness. Usually it's about how interesting or no girl is. Or how she acts in usual situation, when I want to go out with friends, when I am staying late in job.
    I get divorced with last girl cause once I came home and she say that she don't care that I am or I'am not ready for children, she wants them now. And she was very beautiful.

  • She should smile more often, dress properly.
    Plus, when u find yourself not finding a boyfriend, u're subconciously screening out guys who are not confident, hence you will eventually find a guy who's bossy enough to come approaching u to talk lol

  • Sounds like you just haven't found the one yet. Can't judge whether or not you are attractive without a pic.

    • its obvious. i want to know what are reasons for guys not to ask a girl out.

  • There are many of our age still single but that doesn't mean we aren;t attractive I think

    • i agree but something wrong is happening with me, when mostly all my friends are in couple or married.

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    • yes! and in my case some say "oh you're so pretty and single?"... honestly I hate it so much, makes me think: well im not really that pretty.

    • be cautious that this being single push into a depressed mood in that case it will be harder to find someone

  • Do you think you're ugly?

    • i think im cute, actually.

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    • you mean to flirt? maybe im just really bad in communication?
      what do you think of"it's not only a pretty face that matters", you think guys can be sexually attracted to ugly girls?

    • Not necessarily flirt but you have to put yourself out there. Start doing things you know guys will be doing to meet them.

      As far as your question about if guys can be sexually attracted to ugly girls goes, well guys can go desperate and settle for an ugly girl but looks are pretty much everything at the end of the day

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  • No, it doesn't mean you're not attractive, you even stated you catch guys staring at you.
    You may not realize it, but maybe you look unapproachable. Like for example... do you smile to guys you catch staring at you? Do you even smile at guys? You know, some guys are as shy as you are, and it's not because you THINK you look friendly that you look the same to them. You need to be more obvious if you want guys to notice your interest in them

    • maybe ( no i dont smile when they stare, because i get different guys staring at me, it feels weird for me to chose who to smile. i just smile when i really want to, i think i just have no idea in flirting.

    • It seems like you pointed out the problem, it's your lack of experience with flirting
      Now a guy seem to show interest in you, just don't wait for him to ask you out, I don't say you HAVE TO ask him out, but you need to help him, to give him clues, show him your interest. If you know he's interested in you, what do you have to loose? Guys sometimes aren't as observant as girls, you have to be obvious. You have to look open, ready to flirt, to meet guys, to have fun not only friendly.

  • I wonder the same thing sometimes.


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