What are sings that your girlfriend has lost interest, feels more like a friend, or maybe is about to break up with you?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little over a month but the last couple of days I have been feeling weird about our relationship. Exams are coming up and she said she had a lot of work to do so she hasn't texted me much lately. Also when ever o see her I smile and greet her but today I don't feel like she smiled back... Am I just over thinking our relationship? What are other signs I should look out for?


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  • -You guys don't do things that you used to.
    -You feel a disconnect in the relationship.
    -Your sex life isn't as it once was.
    -S/He doesn't want to be around you.

    To me, though, it sounds like she's stressing over exams. So I do think you're over-thinking it.

    • Thank you! Do you have any advise on what I should do? Should I talk to her about it? If so what should I say? I don't want to scare her away

    • I think you should plan something special to ease her stress and take her mind off of exams for a little while.

      I don't know what you make, but a little spa day, cooking for her, buying her a thoughtful gift, something to show that you care for her. Also, tell her in some form (written note or verbally) that you are there for here whenever she's stressing out or she needs to relax.

  • It's too early for you to judge. Let's see after her exam. If she reacts the same way there is probably something wrong there. If she reacts the opposite way obviously you are over thinking about it. I remember when I was doing my preparation for my coming final exam, I still talked to my ex bf and I didn't change even a little though. Maybe different girls behave differently in certain situations. Just wait and give her some time.

    • Would you agree I should wait to ask her if everything is okay?

    • Yes you can, but make sure you don't make it obvious. Maybe you can try and ask her about her exam preparation. I think from there you can see her response from the way she replies you.

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