I am too late to say anything?

Ok so I'm starting to get feelings for my friends with benefits guy... in the beginning he had told me that he liked me but I had just gotten out of a relationship and I felt awkward with him also cuz he also had broken his engagement a couple months back and we started to hook up but at that point I didn't see him as no more than a friends and months has passed and now I'm starting to like him a lot and I don't know if now he just sees me as his hook up buddy or still likes me? Should I stop everything and not tell him or tell him how I feel?
I Also forgot to put that his fiancé still goes over his house and that's one of the reasons in the beginning I couldn't see as more cuz even though they broke up she'd still go over and he says that he doesn't like her no more but I always have that doubt in my mind why I'm scared to say anything cuz I might just end up getting hurt


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  • He is fucking her dont start anything serious until she is outta the picture

    • Absolutely. He is boning her every chance he gets. Even if he breaks up with her his head is messed up for a long time and you are sitting there waiting and then he says, "But we agreed it was just FWB!"

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    • thank you for that advice :/ i guess it was just kinda hard to accept the truth

    • I am sorry honey, dont u want someone who is into u? We all do and that special person is out there for u trust me he is! There is a guy out there feeling lonley looking for a good girl who he can text talk go out with love and receive live back and help eachither through the bad times cause we all have them! THAT IS UR MAN not this loser who will string u along if u allow him to until he leaves like a coward in the nite. save urself a lot of heart ache. U will be lonley it takes time and patients have a great nite and hopefully a much better future

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  • tell him because chances are he still likes u, even if its just slightly


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  • If he liked you before he probably still has feelings for you now and is hoping you change your mind.


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  • You should tell him and see what happens!


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