Night time kisses?

I sometimes wake up to find him stroking my face, or to a gentle kiss on the cheek or forehead. Sometimes I don't quite wake up, I'm conscious but too tired to move, so for all he knows I'm asleep. I melt so badly. He only does it occasionally when I'm awake though, not much at all really.

Is that just something guys do? I figured it might sound a little weird if I just asked him why he does that when I'm asleep, especially when I'm probably not even supposed to know... what's up with that? Pervy sleep fetish? Macho complex and not being able to tell me how much he likes me? I don't get it O_o

Yes he's my boyfriend not my dad! We've been seeing each other for a while and my gut feeling tells me it' an affectionate thing and that he loves/really likes me, but I didn't want to make the mistake of assuming so I figured I'd get some other opinions.


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  • this is "macho complex and not being able to tell (you) how much he likes (you)"

    i used to think that when someone kisses someone when asleep, its because he feels he really cares about that person sooo much in a way that makes him afraid if that person knows about that strong feelings he might feel so secure and pay less attention, so doing it at night to let that energy of feeling caring and loving out, without you having to know about how much he cares, he just want that feeling to be private for him only to know it, feel it, and deal with it...

    the guy really likes you, he adores you, and appreciates you being with him, but almost shy to always show you how strong the feelings he has for you (when you are awake.)

    and don't tell him why you kiss me when I'm asleep!, so he will stop kissing you CONSCIOUSLY, and intend never to kiss you sleeping because this will show his feelings more and more for you...when he is doing it while you are sleeping to be hidden.


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  • Its just a sign of affection. I do the same thing with my girlfriend all the time. It definitely not some type of sexual fetish. It's just a kiss. We do it because we feel like it? To be honest I don't fully understand why. Why does a parent kiss their kid while they sleep? Who knows.

    MY opinion, not yours.


    • I wanted to think that... I just thought maybe it'd be a bit presumptuous for me to assume that it means he really likes/loves me lol

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    • I don't know if I feel safe making the assumption it's because of "deep" feelings but yes it's because he is feeling some kind of emotional attachment.

    • Dw I'm not holding you to account, I just wanted to gather different opinions for what they think would be most likely. I wouldn't try and say you're definitely right without knowing every single detail and being in the relationship, which of course is never gonna happen...

      Thanks for your insight =]

  • first off I hope he is your boyfriend or significant other and not your dad or family member.

    the guy really likes you, he's probably in love and feels lucky to have you in his life. it's nothing perverted just happiness

    • Lol no, boyfriend who I often spend the night with. I'd get creeped out if it was family coming into my room at night...

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    • Whats wrong with a father giving their daughter a peck on the forehead while they sleep? There is nothing sexual about it.

    • Nothing if they have a close relationship and are both good with that. But to be honest, I think it's not appropriate once the 'child' is an adult. Personally I've never been close to my father anyway.

      Not that I even live with my dad so I wouldn't worry about that in my case.

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  • I think it is sweet! He might feel shy about expressing his feelings when you are awake. Or, some people like to think about things late at night. That could be his time to relax and think and be sweet! I'm jealous!

    • I reeeeaaaallllyyy want to think that, I thought it was so sweet too! I just don't want to make assumptions and then find out it means nothing haha...

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    • I really should lol. I'm pretty shy though. He knows that - on the occasion he does do something like that while I'm awake, I go to mush and I don't think I'm very good at hiding it. He says I'm 'cute.' It's obvious we like eachother, I mean we've been dating and all, but I know that I get uncomfortable expressing anything more than 'you're pretty cool, I could give you a go' unless I know it's reciprocated; I can't help but wonder if he's the same or what.

    • The good thing about doing it while you are half-asleep is that you don't have to say anything! Just try it.

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