Should we hold hands?

So me and my boyfriend have been dating for nearly a month, this is my first relationship, EVER. I started hugging him a week after we started dating and since then we hug everyday. But I've been wanting to hold hands with him, even though I'm the shy/quiet type of girl, but I was the one who made a move, because it doesn't seem like he is. So I tried making the move today, first time he thought I wanted a hug so we hugged on the way up to class. Then my second try I tried to hold his hand, he scratched his head and put his hand in his pocket. I tried one last time, his hand was out, I went in but then he ran away to catch up with his friends, I was left to walk upstairs from a distance disappointed. So what should I do, should I wait for him to make the move or something, this is my first relationship, good answers please 😊 thank u for reading 😄


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  • cute.
    it's like I'm reading a shoujo manga. ahahaa. nice.

    he's obviously embarassed and shy about it. but now that you've tried it, he knows it's on your mind. he may not want to hold hands in public because it would attract attention and he'd be uncomfortable with it till he got adjusted to it.

    be patient for a week and see if he makes a move. if he doesn't, then maybe not hold his hand, but you can tug at his arm or hug his arm. :) see his reaction then. :D

    • Wow thanks, I'll try that heh

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    • He never let you hold his hand?
      Eh... wow.. Then I guess he wasn't serious about you.. It was probably just excitement over having a relationship. And I understand, cos when the other person needs you, you start feeling your space is being invaded. For a relationship to work, both people need to be open and allow for that and adjust to it. My first relationship was a disaster too. I was excited over the idea of having a boyfriend, but when I did, I realised what it meant to have a boyfriend and I also realised I wasn't ready for it. I wasn't ready to give up my space to someone else. I was forcing myself to please him, while knowing that I wasn't happy with the pace of things.. it was going too fast. And I was afraid to hurt him. When I broke up with him after 2 months, it was to save him, but I never expected he would be SO devastated.. I didn't understand how he was attached to me so much so soon. I agree I was pretty walled up myself. He caused some good trouble after that.

    • Well... Sorry to hear your first relationship turned out the way it did, but they usually do. First time is where the most uncertainty lies. That tells you more about yourself and what you seek in terms of a relationship with someone, and you're faced with your ideals and the realistic version of your situation. But this always helps in your next choice, and you would be more wary of jumping in. Tread slow, but be happy with your decisions. Relationship needs effort from both ends and these things have to be talked about openly.

      So... it's been about a year since this happened. Any new stories since? Are you still in high school? :)

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  • Just ask him if you can hold his hand.

    • I'm too shy to ask 😝 besides wouldn't it be awkward

    • No lol. He's your boyfriend, there's nothing to be shy about or feel awkward about. If you're together it should be no issue.

    • I guess I'll try... 😶 he's shy too tbh heh thanks

  • He's probably feeling shy. Let him make the move.


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