OMG! What to do? please read all the links available it really helps to fully understand. Please help?

So I've talked about me liking my best friend on here many times all other links can be found within this link It will certainly help if you read all of the links as well

Well, what I haven't told you yet, was over spring break, I got together wiht my sister and was telling her about Zi Wei, and our waitress even gave me a note that said "good luck with your Asian girl" and we have also done nude modeling together See post about that here

Well anways, I planned to tell her that I like her 3 weeks ago, but that never happened because I could never get alone with her, and she told me that she liked this other guy, so I thought that she couldn't have liked me, so I looked for other people, and I met this other girl online, that I have been talking to. Well yesterday I found out that she likes me, when we were hanging out, and talking and cuddling like we always do, and she told me that she likes me.

But here's where it gets tricky, we both also like other people as well, because she told me that she met that guy, I thought that she didn't like me, so I met this girl online, hannah, and we talk like everyday, and I want things to work out between Zi Wei and I. and had I known about her liking me like 3 weeks ago, this would have been so much easier. But last night we were talking and when she told me that she liked me I told her about how my mom thinks we'd make a cute couple, and how I told a lot of people about me liking her, and I told her about the olive Garden waitresses note. Well, last night she was rubbing her butt against me, and then we started kissing and then I was fingering her, and eating her out. and this was her first time doing that. I'd really like thigs to work out between us two, but it's complicated...


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